Immutable.js, the 80/20 Rule for React and Redux

I've scoured the internet for some basic information on Immutable.js to help with the performance on some of my React applications. But most only cover some of the basics »

Some simple AI

I've seen some impressive demonstrations of machine learning and am definitely not claiming this as one. But I'm pretty proud of a kid I've been tutoring for a quite sometime »

Share data models in Mongoose with your Frontend

In order to share a data models between technologies (ex: backend and frontend), the languages need to interpret the data to a common format. Most of the time, this boils »

Remove duplicates from MongoDB

As of version 2.x, MongoDB dropped support for dropDups due to it's dangerous nature of not knowing which item to remove (We don't want to break the dependency chain »

The Problem with async await with Lodash

I recently was writing a web scraper and ran into an issue with async await. It's not so much a problem with how it works. In fact I love the »